VTV4 News – Protect Your Privacy on the Internet

VTV4 is the only Vietnamese TV channel which is broadcasted globally, serving nearly 4 million Vietnamese people who are living abroad and many millions of viewers in Vietnam.

In a recent News program at 09:00 PM on 05/06/2015, VTV4 broadcasted a segment titled: “Protect your Privacy Information on the Internet”. Insight Technology Vietnam was honored to be featured in this report.

The broadcast showed that there are a lot of risks on the Internet. BKAV – the leading firm in network security in Vietnam – announced the amount of financial damage caused by viruses in Vietnam in 2014 was 8,500 billion VND. Many attacks occur from both inside Vietnam and abroad. Sometimes, these attacks are aimed at companies and individuals, and attempts are made to steal information from databases and to install viruses and malware.

According to Ms. Miyuki Miyashita, director of Insight Technology Vietnam , the issues often derive from a lack of monitoring. The biggest risks are caused by the human factor, including the database administrator. This type of employee can query a database directly and has access to important tables, including the columns which contain customer information.

The report wrapped up with the recommendation that we should not only strengthen our security systems and IT departments but also build legal sanctions to counteract the activity of criminals online.

For more details, you can watch the video of the broadcast:

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