PISO has been installed in over 3,500 databases to monitor data access.

PISO Overview

Database Security Software

Businesses worldwide depend on databases. It’s extremely important to secure the sensitive data inside these databases from unauthorized access and other potentially-damaging activities, both from inside the company and outside. Many resources exist to protect databases from external attacks, but since 80% of the data leakages are a result from failures inside the company, more attention should be given to internal data security. PISO provides security solutions to monitor these internal leakages.

In addition to basic solutions such as access controls, authentication and authorization, organizations need a comprehensive set of advanced security solutions which includes vulnerability monitoring, real-time intrusion detection and advanced auditing with intelligent search features to perform a complete log analysis. Moreover, organizations need to focus on policies and procedures that will mitigate risks and threats.

PISO has held the No.1 position in the database auditing market for six consecutive years.

PISO is able to collect audit information without putting a load on the target databases. This makes it easy for companies to audit privilege IDs and security breaches, and to comply with SOX requirements.

Features (Why PISO?)


  1. Data Collection
    PISO will collect all access logs with minimum impact on the database servers. All access to your critical data is collected by direct SGA access.
  2. Search
    Don’t make me think (DMMT) concept: PISO’s overview screen shows a graph of illegal or suspicious accesses, so it’s easy to check on the security of your database at a glance. Digging deeper, users can explore detailed login information on who, what, where, when, and how someone has accessed the database through two simple clicks.
  3. Real-time Alert
    PISO monitors all attempts to access critical data and provides immediate alerts when it detects suspicious or unauthorized activity.

Collect audit trail without giving a load to monitoring database

PISO utilizes a unique technology, Direct Memory Access (DMA). DMA technology enables the user to collect all the access logs needed for audits without degrading database performance. Regardless of versions or connection methods, it records all logs in a unified, detailed format.

The collected logs are stored in a dedicated server to where they are secured to prevent falsification. PISO also demonstrates scalability because it can be used for systems with multiple databases.

What is “Direct SGA Access Technology (DMA)”?
zero performance impact, capture SQL in real-time. 
Direct SGA Access Technology (DMA) is an innovative logging technology. In general, when lots of SQL performance information is captured in realtime, it causes performance degradation. Our logging agent uses Direct SGA Access Technology to capture SQL information from the Oracle SGA area with no impact on performance.

  • Captures SQL directly from Oracle SGA
  • Collects audit logs with full SQL texts
  • Zero performance impacts
  • Supports Oracle 9i to 12c
  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to 2014

Auditing privilege IDs efficiently

In order to meet SOX security requirements or to audit privilege IDs, it’s crucial to collect the right information. PISO automatically collects log, creates reports, and monitors user activities. Also, it maintains log data as well as backup data automatically to make simplify your operation processes.

Compress, archive, report audit log

Using Log Mart with PISO will make your long-term operation processes easier

PISO transfers log data to Log Mart where it can be analyzed or used to create an audit report. During this process, the log data is compressed to a fifth of its original size, so searching through old logs to make reports is a lot simpler.


PISO : Policy Violation Realtime Alert

System Requirements

Monitoring Server (PISO Target)

Operating SystemHewlett-Packard HP-UX
Oracle Solaris
Microsoft Windows Server
Red Hat Linux/Oracle Linux
Microsoft SQL Server
Fujitsu Symfoware

Central Management Server (PISO ISM)

Operating SystemRed Hat Linux/Oracle Linux
Microsoft Windows Server
CPUXeon 3GHz CPU × 2
Disk Space

Software Installation: 10GB
Stored Log: 22GB/months/instance