How to control access and prevent data leak?

prevent_data_theft (1)The majority of data thefts occur from inside the company. These internal attacks are more difficult to control than external ones because they can’t always be stopped by firewalls and detection systems which are designed to counter remote access attempts. Employees are the biggest threats to the data security of any organization because their behavior is unpredictable.

too-late-1Leakage of information and databases could cause terrible damage and consequences., database security systems and database management are of the utmost importance to government agencies and companies all over the world. The heads of organizations and the people responsible for data security need to know all information regarding how and when employees access company data.

Capture067It’s impossible to supervise all staff directly and even harder to do it at the same time. It’s much more efficient to use software to monitor the access to data and to alert the appropriate people if an internal data breach occurs.

Capture01Currently there is software supporting managers monitoring the entire database system  everywhere and everytime.

With software like this, the access and all operations which occur in the databases are monitored in real time. When unauthorized access or suspicious circumstances are detected, managers will receive an alert email to notify them of the security risk. Products from Insight-tec Vina are well-suited to handle the internal security or your data.

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