Data theft methods.

The phrase “data theft” is actually a misnomer, since unlike regular theft, the typical data theft methods do not deprive the owner of their data, but rather create an additional, unauthorized copy.


Data theft is more difficult to prevent than other types of theft.

Each year, there are more and more data leaks. In 2010, hundreds of thousands of confidential documents were released to the public through Wikileaks. Huge volumes of data can be stolen easily, because they can be stored on just a few millimeters of flash memory or accessed through remote hacking methods. These information disasters cause major consequences, and it sometimes seems that it’s impossible to securely protect your data.


 Data leakage is a common problem that any individual or organization may encounter.

Data theft using data storage devices are becoming popular. Two popular forms are: Thumbsucking and Podslurping which differ only in the devices used to store data. Thumbsucking is the unauthorized use of a portable USB mass storage device, such as a USB flash drive, to steal sensitive data. Podslurping is using an Ipod or another multimedia device to perform the same crime.


Storage devices including entertainment devices are designed with greater capacity.

apple-watch-collection-1364x768Smart watches can also be used to steal and store data.

USB flash drive, iPods, smartphones, and smartwatches are high-tech products that anyone can possess, which makes controlling their use more difficult and stealing data easier.

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