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[Our Story]

Insight Technology Vina was founded in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2014 as the development office of Insight Technology, Inc. which was started in Japan in 1995. Our headquarters is in Tokyo and we have an R&D center in Sapporo. Together, the Insight Technology team has been training and guiding engineers to become experts proficient in using database tools such as Oracle, SQL Server, and MongoDB.

Since our foundation, we have been a leader in the database industry. We developed our own database security software called PISO which has had a market share for 7 years in a row. We also created a unique technology called DMA (Direct Memory Access) which provides a lighter method to access database information and is used with machines running PISO.Our products help users monitor their data, and we also offer consulting services. Read More...

In 2012, we started operations to produce database hardware. We utilized our extensive database-tuning knowledge to develop a database flash appliance.

We are currently developing a database security software tool called Wiperdog. The first version of Wiperdog will be released early in 2016. Wiperdog will be the first product made in Vietnam with global quality in database security.


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22M, Hoa Binh International Office Tower,
106 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Hanoi City
34F, 3403 West Point W1Tower,
Do Duc Duc street, Hanoi City
(+84) 2466 665 200