Turn Problems Into Projects

Do you have a problem? Here is a simple way to turn it
around. Listen up, OK?
Take your problem and write it out. Now, as you’re writing it
out, there will be a few sentences. Take the sentences and
number them, and leave a space behind each of them.
Now, what do you have? You have a project!
How do you feel when you say you have a project? Not nearly
as bad as you do when you say you have a problem, do you?
Now, go back and call it a problem.
How do you feel? Bad, right?
It’s a good thing you know what to do, isn’t it?
We all learn from our mistakes, and our biggest mistake might
just have been mobile strike hack cheats to visit our website use the word problem. What has it ever
done for us, except make us feel bad. Our goal in this
lifetime is to make sure we don’t feel bad unless we
absolutely, positively have to. And that should never happen
unless you take a poll of 100 people to see how many would
call it a problem. Of course, in that poll 100% of them
have to say it was a problem.
Now, go ahead and change all your problems to projects and let
the good times roll.
Remember, if you take the time and effort to change your view
of reality, your brain will put in the time and effort to make
your reality become your view.
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