The Brief History of the Panzerotto Pizza Shop

Pizzas are meals that consist of flat oven baked dough that is topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and a vast array of meats and vegetables. Although the dish originated in Greece, pizza quickly spread to other cultures and is currently one of the most popular foods in the world. In America, several different types of pizza can be found depending on the region you are in. For generations, New Yorkers and pirate kings hack 2017 Chicagoans have been at war over who’s pizza is better. However for Canadians, the family run Panzerotto Pizza is the clear favorite. And after researching the history of the Panzerotto Pizza restaurants, it’s easy to see why this small franchise is so popular.

Panzerotto styled pizza is sometimes referred to as a smaller doughier calzone. Mozzarella cheeses and tomatoes are the most popular ingredients but the dishes can also be share this site stuffed with pepperoni, onions, and other items. The dish originated in Italy in the 40’s but has become extremely popular in several Canadian cities.

The chain began in late 1976 with just one location in downtown Toronto. The small establishment, located at 501 Yonge St., was owned and operated by a chef named Alex Schiavone. Alex’s cooking experience began in the early 50’s when he worked as a gourmet chef.

In 1969, he opened up a small Italian restaurant in Ontario and spent the next few years honing his skills. It was during this time that Alex began offering Panzerotto style pizzas to his customers. The Panzerotto recipe is a calzone type dish that is native to a small village in Italy.

The new dish quickly became an instant hit with the Ontario customers and they began to demand the pizza in large quantities. It was so popular, in fact, that Mr. Schiavone decided to to sell his Italian restaurant and open up one that would predominantly sell the new dish in Toronto.

Sales of the Panzerotto dishes moviestarplanet hack tool were very slow at first due to the fact that the pizza style was virtually unknown at the time. But eventually, its supporters were able to spread the news of the tasty new treat and won over its detractors. In early 1980, Alex Schiavone decided to take advantage of his business’s newfound success. He attracted a number of investors and expanded his company through franchising opportunities.

The Panzerotto Pizza company has been going strong ever since and Alex and his immediate family have remained very involved in its operations. There are currently thirty five Panzerottos operating across Canada and the Northern United States. And Alex and his sons Frank, Joe, and Vito have over seventy five years of combined experience between them and are integral parts of the day to day operations of both the Head Office and the various store locations.

As of April 1995, the company was the first to provide city wide pizza delivery via the internet. Interested users were able to visit the restaurant’s website and custom order their favorite meals. Through the use of technology that was extremely modern and high tech at the time, orders were routed directly to call centers and then processed for delivery. The beloved pizza chain, not content to stop there, is still constantly evaluating and upgrading their customer service skills.

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