The Brand Savvy Indian Consumer

Style is not merely about making a fashion statement; it is a necessity and not bordering on luxury, as it once used to be. Among the rapidly growing young Indian populace, wearing branded clothes, or flaunting designer accessories have become the norm. pirate kings hack 2017 The present level and nature of consumption among the youth would have given parents heart attacks a decade back. These days you come across people wearing leading brands that were once so hard to find in the domestic markets. You either have to order it from shops outside share this site the country or you have to wait for relatives and friends making their homeward journey. Well, that鎶?not the case anymore; with all the leading brands opening their outlets in the country to fulfill the growing needs of the brand savvy young Indians.

The new X-generation Indians born after the days of the socialist License Raj have not witness much poverty and economic despair, as the older Indians had. Born into a liberalized and open era, they have seen only the brighter side of India. With the growing penetration of the media they have gain access to leading global trends, be it fashion, music, or lifestyle inculcating in them a confidence and attitude that matches those of any developed nations. The sharp rise in income levels too have played a part, as it gives them the buying power to possess the latest game of war fire age hack cheats tool brands and maintain a lifestyle at par with their peers elsewhere. It fuelled the demands for brands, offering a huge opportunity to leading brands to explore a hitherto untapped retail market in India.

The feeling is mutual; it is all about demand and supply. Youths with deep pockets and fat wallets clamoring for everything that is in vogue, and the retailers play their part, offering them all everything that money can buy. Well, don鎶?be surprised to see ladies with the latest eyewear, sporting designer luxury labels and wearing the latest premium perfume in some downtown market. The Indian consumer has become brand savvy; they have in fact come of age.

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