The Bowling Ball, the Egg, and your Unique Selling Point.

Quite a few years ago, around 20, in England on TV, I saw a juggler the like of which I’d never seen before and haven’t seen since. This juggler juggled at the same time, two uncooked eggs and two tenpin bowling balls. He brought these on stage, saying “I’m going to juggle raw eggs tonight. Not too difficult, you might say. But here’s a couple of bowling balls, natural enemy of the eggs, and I’m going to juggle them all at the same time” or words to visit more information that effect. He probably phrased it more humorously than me, I expect.

Anyway, he carried on and did just that: juggled two bowling balls and two raw eggs together. Quite something I’d say, and extremely difficult to do without breaking the eggs! Actually he did break the eggs deliberately at the end, just to prove they really were raw in the first place.

The point is, I never forgot this juggler, which is how come I can tell you about him now. He was unique, as far as I know.

If I’d been looking for a juggler to book, I’d have tried to track him down and book him, even if he was more expensive than the others – after all, he was unique wasn’t he?

And this is the point – he was unique.

When you’re trying to get read here yourself noticed in the world of business, whether internet or any more traditional medium, wouldn’t it be nice if you had something that really made the difference and made you stand out from the others? You bet! Your unique selling point in other words.

The problem is, it’s hard to be reaaly unique these days – lots of Check our website people advertise the same thing in similar ways. So- how can you be different?

And how can you be different in such a way as to be noticed and without appearing too gimmicky?

What I’m proposing (and yes, I do it myself), is to concentrate and talk about what you DON’T do.

If you do it right, this has the double benefit of making you stand out in an unusual way, while at the same time implying your opposition is inferior in some way.

I’ll give you an example from one of my own businesses (I’m a Hypnotherapist) – Mission Hypnotism (Google it if you want). If you look at my website, you’ll find on there a whole list, not only of things I don’t do, but also things I’m not, if you see what I mean. For instance, I say under “Things I’m not” that “I’m not especially young”.
As well as being accurate, its not something that people usually say. In this particular business, being young is not a good selling point as young usually equals inexperienced. Would you like to be treated by an inexperienced hypnotist? Or would you prefer someone with years of experience?

I also say under “Things I don’t do” that I don’t “Breech your confidentiality”. As well as being a good thing that I don’t, this implies to the potential clients that its a possibility that other hypnotherapists might. I don’t need to say it, and no one can accuse me of denigrating other practitioners, as I’m making a positive statement about myself. Have a look at the other things on the list – I’m sure you can think of adaptions of them to apply to your own market. LIst all the things you don’t do, and all the things you’re not, first, then refine them into a smaller list, considering the effects it will have on your competition.
Not only do you get the credit for being honest and different to everyone else, you get to take a backhanded swipe at all the others!
Have fun with it, and remember taht unique juggler – I know I did.

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