The Biube Aquarium Guide

You may be more familiar with the biOrb ?the traditional goldfish bowl shaped ?aquarium but Reef One also manufactures the biUbe. Similarly to the biOrb this tank is made from acrylic and shares the same filtration system. It is cylindrical in shape and has either a black or silver 鎱禷p?on the top and bottom of it ?you can specify this when buying it.

This article is intended for people looking to start their pirate kings hack 2017 first aquarium, and visit more information owners of this aquarium.

Why you should consider getting a biUbe as your first aquarium.

Do not be fooled by its good looks, this is not a case of style over substance. The biUbe has been well thought out to make your introduction into the world of fish keeping as easy as possible. Everything is included in the box other than:

– A net ?useful for fishing out new fish.
– Fish food (although there is a small amount)
– Water
– Fish

There is a manual that is easy to follow and from getting it home you can get the tank up and running within an hour. Maintaining the fish tank is easy, all you will need to do is change 30% of the water and the filter cartridge every four to eight weeks – this will take you about half-an-hour.

The biUbe as standard will provide an excellent aquarium for coldwater fish, but by purchasing the heater pack you can keep tropical fish. There is even a marine conversion pack that will allow you to keep a small number of marine fish.

Owning a biUbe takes the guess work out of setting up an aquarium, the filter size is already determined, the chemicals that you need to treat tap water with are supplied and they even tell you how many fish you can put in the tank.

I鎶砮 decided I鎶?going to get a biUbe ?what do I really need to know before setting it up?

There are a couple of things you should consider before setting up your tank:

Your aquarium is made from acrylic and this is a much softer material than glass. Be really careful when handling your tank although relatively scratch resistant a ring, rock or over-enthusiastic scrubbing will scratch or dull it.

Rinse the tank with cold tap water, do not use any cleaners or detergents and do not use anything that check here will scratch the surface – use your hand or a cloth.

Make sure you don鎶?position your tank in direct sunlight, above electrical items or near hot things

You also need to take in to account the weight of the biUbe, make sure that what you put the tank on something that will support the weight.

I would recommend positioning your biUbe near a seat, chair or sofa, somewhere where you can sit and appreciate your aquarium. (If you鎶砮 never owned a fish tank this may sound daft – set it up, you鎶 see what I mean)

What is the most important advice you can give me about my biUbe?

There are 3 important facts you should know about any aquarium:

1. Make sure that your tank is set up for a minimum of 48hrs before adding fish.

2. Make sure that you only add two or three fish in the first month. There鎶?an important reason for this that is better explained in this biUbe filtration article.

3. Make sure that you carry out regular water changes.

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