Teaching Foreign Words

The difficulties can be met in learning either foreign language grammar, pronunciation or vocabulary. Teachers of foreign language have developed numerous techniques to make foreign language presentation easily understandable and perceived. There are some useful techniques to effectively teach foreign language vocabulary as well. One of the most popular and effective techniques in modern teaching is associative approaches to all tasks and processes to be done in class. Foreign language teachers have created three types of associative approaches: symbolic, sound and motive. All of the three types can be applied during one lesson and preference in each of them depends on students preferences in perception. For the first time, foreign language teachers should present all types in order to determine which type is effective for most students. The leading form of perception should be selected share more content as the primary approach to teach.

New vocabulary presentation can be provided by all three types, however sound and motive approaches involve students activity while mortal kombat x hack tool symbolic approach often applies teacher鎶?activity.

Symbolic approach suggests new vocabulary presentation in forms of symbols, both written and painted. It is very useful to paint symbols which present words in non-standard colors. The human perception of non-standard phenomena is much more effective than perception of standard things. For example, an English word 鎲噋oon?can be presented as a baby sleeping in a spoon. The verb 鎲塶derstand?can be presented as a person standing on his head or something like that. Though a symbolic approach requires much teacher鎶?activity students can also be involved in creating symbols process.

Sound approach is very creative, but students should not worry about their vocal abilities. Whether a student can sing well or not he can create his own system of sounds which order he will vary according to new words listing. Songs and poems are the most effective way to teach new vocabulary through sound approach. Teachers and students should not evaluate songs and poems as here their quantity is much more important than quality.

Motive approach is often applied by teachers at colleges where various theatrical and performance activities are the tradition of school. Students who are involved in college performances and plays would mostly prefer the motive approach to learn new vocabulary. Different movements can be created by students themselves more information to associate them with various new words. Students can introduce and check new vocabulary then by presenting movements in front of other students in class.

Remembering movements, sounds and symbols is not boring because it involves students?creativity and stands out of standard approaches in teaching. Students will perceive their foreign language lessons as lively and bright performances where they can apply their imagination and avoid stresses on meeting alien world of foreign culture.

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