Pygmy Hedgehogs

Pygmy hedgehogs, as most people know them, are in truth a hybrid of several other species, most notably the White-belied and the Algerian hedgehog.

The Algerian or North African hedgehog is a close cousin of the species domesticated by the ancient Romans for meat and quills. It can be found naturally in Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, subway surfers hack tool free download Spain, France and Malta. It is suggested that their occurrence in Europe can be attributed to human intervention. It is also considered a relative of the West European hedgehog, although it is somewhat smaller than the latter. A longish snout characterizes this type of hedgehog, as well as long legs that contribute towards its reputation for speed and ears that are proportionally large for psn codes generator cheats its body. The spines feature banding that is alternately white and dark. There are no spines on the crown of the head, giving it the appearance of a widow’s peak.

Gestation for this type of hedgehog is 30 to 40 days and a female is sexually mature somewhere between eight to ten weeks. A litter can have up to 10 hoglets weighing 0.4 ounce to 0.7 ounce (12 to 20 grams).

An adult white-bellied hedgehog weighs between 9 and 26 ounces (255 grams and 737 grams). Their length can be 7 to 9 inches (17.75cm to 22.5cm) long. The tail, which is only half an inch appears all but invisible. Characterized by five toes on the front paws and four on the back, the most common coloring for this species is referred to as salt and pepper. The fur of the cheeks, legs and belly is white, with the snout showing a hint of tan. These hedgehogs are white and soft-spined at birth, but their spines soon harden. Pigmentation becomes visible after a few days.

The variation in color between the two main parent species has led to a wide range of colors being available. Although other circumstances sometimes play a role, it is best to get a hedgehog at a fairly young age. At six weeks most hoglets will be weaned and ready for adoption. Since a hedgehog’s life expectancy varies between three and eight years, an older hedgehog may only be yours for a shorter span.

Although a pygmy hedgehog may seem tiny enough to parcel, you have cause for concern if a dealer or breeder offers to ship your pet to you via the mail or a postal courier service. Hedgehogs on the move should travel in a shipping kennel that has been declared safe for animal transportation.

Once your pygmy settles into your home, you may notice it exhibiting slightly eccentric behaviour upon encountering certain chemical substances. At first, it would chew at such items, until it begins to salivate. The next phase would involve covering its quills with the saliva. Animal behaviourists speculate that this may be a way of masking its scent from potential predators. It is a sign that even domesticated pygmy hedgehogs still retain some of the mannerisms of the wild.

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