Evening Wedding Lighting Ideas

Criss-cross canopy
Creating a canopy like scenario using big bulbs. It’s such a simple thing to do, and it looks dominations hack cheats tool amazing in the photos!
A forest themed setting should be in your new favourites list for your wedding is like our new favourite thing for the wedding season it looks right out of a fairytale, and so so pretty! It’s perfect for an evening or a night wedding!
A lit staircase
Playing with lights is something that can be done for evening weddings, and why visit more information not start right from the stairs? You can deck up the staircase (if any) with lights and lanterns and make it look next level!
Candles candles everywhere!
Whether you’re using real or LED candles, putting a lot of them together for an evening or a night wedding lends a soft vibe and make it all look so magical!
Light up the grass
We mean literally!
You can have some twinkling lights dominations cheats tool on the grass for an added effect that we’re sure your guests haven’t seen before! It’s pretty easy to pull off.
The true beauty of a chandelier comes out only at night, and make good use of them outdoors as well for an evening wedding!

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