Evaluating Heeltastic And Pedegg For Dry, Cracked Feet

Cracks in the feet on the boom beach hack no root heels, toes, etc. are bothersome, particularly when they are chronic. However, there are products in the market that address these areas of stubborn dry and flaky skin. Two of them are the HeelTastic, a balm for cracked skin, and PedEgg, which shaves off the dry upper epidermis of the feet. Which approach, which product, you may wonder, would work best for you?

The HeelTastic is a balm that can help soothe and repair the cracked skin on heels, elbows, knees, and other parts of the body where they may be chronic cracked skin occurring. HeelTastic contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oils, skin moisturizers and special skin nutrients specially formulated for cracked skin. The HeelTastic heel stick can be used several times within a day as needed. HeelTastic costs US$10 plus US$6.99 for shipping and handling; and there is a buy one take one offer plus a free 10 piece grooming kit.

Independent reviews note that there are no harmful side effects and due to natural ingredients, there is no danger of allergies. In general, reviews of the product itself are very good, and we could not find a single complaint among them.

PedEgg on the other hand deals with cracked skin by filing it off. The PedEgg claims to have been precision engineered with 135 stainless steel micro files to gently remove calluses and dead skin. It is also designed to collect all skin shavings in a storage compartment so there is no mess. The PedEgg is US$9.95 plus US$6.95 for storage and handling. Included are two emery buffing pads. The PedEgg even has variations for men and women.

According to independent reviews, the PedEgg needs to be moved sideways rather than upward and downward to be effective. Also the product manufacturers also advise to keep a steady pace, not much pressure is required for the product to be effective. On the downside, it can be messier than it claims to be and one may need to put a towel underneath to catch shavings. Also there are complaints it only removes the outer skin layering, so it has to be used often. There are comments too that the PedEgg foot file does not work as well as it looks on the TV infomercial.

So what is the better option-to lubricate these dry skin areas, or just to slough them off? On the upside, HeelTastic can work on boom beach hack android different parts of the body, while PedEgg works only on the feet. Both products cost the same give or take 10 cents. So the choice would depend on what you think suits your needs best. If your problem lies just with your feet, I could envision using both products, one to lubricate, one to slough as needed if your feet are extraordinarily dry. But considering the multitasking advantage of the HeelTastic, with little change in cost, it may be better if you want to do more than take care of your feet. Be ready though for the need to replenish.

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