European Wax Center Middletown: A Cathedral of Wax

鎻 focus on one thing, waxing, and do it better than anyone else,?European Wax Center Middletown and Marlboro owner Jennifer Bixon says. 鎻?often joke that it is the cathedral of wax. Much like Yankee Stadium is the cathedral of baseball.?br />
Before entering the wax cathedral, Bixon鎶?main focus was her promotional product and incentive merchandise business. Having succeeded in gaining clientele with her 鎻穕ient-centric?mentality, Bixon looked to open up another business. For Bixon, the spilt focus was going to be a challenge. 鎻坴eryone wants everything yesterday, and I am always on deadline,?she says. 鎻?wanted a second business but realized I didn鎶?have the time to dedicate to it.?br />
The lack of time ultimately led to Bixon鎶?decision to franchise instead of starting something new. Being a business woman, Bixon entered into franchising with a cautious approach. 鎻憂 business, you can always find a reason to say no,?she says. 鎻榦thing comes without risk.?

Risk brought Bixon to Florida where she met with the Cobas, the family behind European Wax Center. The center offers a variety of services ranging from a brazilian bikini wax in Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey to a full back wax. According to Bixon, the Cobas?drive, energy and business savvy teamed with the business concept, made her more comfortable with franchising with them. 鎻憈 was the right time,?she says.

When it came down to choosing a asphalt nitro hack ios location, Middletown and Marlboro New Jersey seemed like a great place for a waxing in Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Located in Monmouth, the culture surrounding Middletown and Marlboro is one of people taking care of themselves; which includes a high interest in hair removal. According to Bixon, 鎻 all think of Southern California or Orange County as a place where people care about fitness or their appearance,?she says. 鎻僽t, Monmouth County seems to mirror that.?

On a personal level, Bixon, a native of New Jersey, feels like Jersey is an overall great place to live with its mountains, beaches and close proximity to New York, Boston and Washington D.C.

Bixon focuses on giving her guests the ultimate wax experience, an experience she hopes transcends her Monmouth locations. 鎻焗e beauty of franchise and European Wax Center, is there is consistency across the centers,?she says. 鎻慺 you wax with us in Jersey and need to go to Florida, you鎶 get an experience that is nearly identical.?br />
That experience includes a four-step Comfort Wax System. The Comfort Wax is made up of 100% all natural beeswax. It provides hair removal in Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey animal jam hack by attaching to the hair and not the skin. Along with products that are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and aloe, getting a wax at European Wax Center leaves a guest鎶?skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Another factor that keeps guests booking reservations at European Wax Center Middletown, Marlboro and other locations, according to Bixon, is the presentation. The European Wax Center facility is inspired by French European influences. It is decorated with light woods, bold accents and honeycomb shapes. So while one enjoys a quick eyebrow waxing in Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey, they can enjoy the pleasant ambiance and clean work environment.

European Wax Center Marlboro will be making an appearance at Marlboro Day in September and both locations will have booths in the New Jersey Women鎶?Expo hosted by Brookdale Community College in November. Details are still under development, but, with 10,000 plus women expected to be in attendance at the Expo, Bixon sees these events as a great way to get the word out about the Middletown and Marlboro locations and expose the world to the wax cathedral of European Wax Center.

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