Eureka Forbes’ Robust Market Existence

A robust existence in the market where multiple players exist is feasible with excellent customer care, especially in the segment of home consumer durable products. Satisfying customers will not only help the business grow but also products get recommended to friends, relatives, and associates thus leading to increased customer count. In the Indian home consumer durable products, special mention needs to be made of the Eureka Forbes customer care service support. boom beach hacks It all started in the year 1982, the year of its inception; since then its consolidated efforts led it to become a dominant name in the Asian market not only in the water filter segment including RO system but also three other segments, viz. vacuum cleaner, air purifier, and security systems.

Besides the customer care executives, there are 7000 direct personnel reaching 1.5 million homes in 131 cities and 398 towns across the country. The 10,000 strong dealer sales network and over 58 distributor strong industrial sales network further add to the advantage. Just dial 3988 3333, the Eureka Forbes customer care number, anytime anywhere as per your convenience for placing an order, for product information, etc. If you are already using a Eureka Forbes RO system or any other product by this company and a technical problem occurs, you can immediately place a complaint at the same Eureka Forbes customer care number. Your complaint will be processed animal jam hack within the committed time frame.

To have a look at the series of the Eureka Forbes RO system, visit its corporate site. Buy one that exactly suits your water requirement and storage capacity. Each RO system by Eureka Forbes comes equipped with multi stage purifying mechanisms besides use of superlative cartridge filters and the RO membrane.

Other than the RO system, Eureka Forbes has designed a unique filter system with patented BluG technology for water sensing called the Aquaguard Total Sensa. It is the only purifier in the world that is equipped with a blend of different purifying mechanisms – eboiling+, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies. The advantage of using it is that it can purify any type of water.

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