Estimating The Cost Of Solar Power For Your Home

Whenever there is any news about the cost of solar power becoming more affordable, it is great news. This will encourage more individuals as well as businesses to consider installing solar power systems to offset the cost of their electricity consumption.

When thinking about the cost of solar power, it is a good idea to compare solar power systems with other types of home improvement projects. Homebuyers and realtors often view a solar hot water heating system as a significant added value to a home, similar to adding a deck or remodeling the kitchen.

If you are a homeowner and you are trying to determine what the cost of solar power might be for your home, here are a few ways to estimate the cost of a solar thermal system and to figure out if a solar energy system makes sense for you.
Estimate your home’s electricity needs

If you are constructing a new home, you should estimate your demand based on the type of equipment you plan to install and the square footage of your home. This will be click more details known as your “load”.

To figure out your anticipated load, draw up a table to record the watt use for each appliance. Each appliance such as a water heater, madden mobile hack ios electric light, computer, refrigerator etc., should have a nameplate that lists its power rating in watts. If not, you can get this information from the manufacturer’s website.

Size your system

Solar photovoltaic systems sized between 1 to 5 kilowatts are usually sufficient to meet the electricity needs of most homes. An advantage of grid-tied systems is that you can use solar PV to supplement or offset some of your electricity needs; therefore you can size your system to match your budget and always add to the system later if necessary. This may be one of the most important things you can do to cut the cost of solar power to your home.

Know about available rebates

There are many states and local jurisdictions that offer rebates or tax credits to homeowners for installing solar power systems. Also, at the federal level, there is currently a 30% tax credit to help homeowners cut the cost of solar power to their home. To view a comprehensive database of share this site the incentives available for renewable energy, you may visit

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