Energy Healing And Medicine

Healers have played a role in society throughout recorded history. You find mention of spontaneous healing, healing that occurs without scientific explanation, in seemingly all religious traditions. Stories click great website abound about these healers who would spend time dialoguing with others and helping heal physical or emotional wounds, expand beliefs or examine circumstances that could change for the better. By talking, or praying together with healing intent, often by use of the hands to direct energy, the healers would often act as focused channels for universal healing energy.
Today many nurses, physicians and other health professionals, just as with healers for centuries, speak of a feeling that healing energy flows through them toward their patients, but so often you will hear that the healer could not heal the patient. Why did some heal while others didn’t? It is simple, really. No one person can heal another. Healing is an interactive exchange of energy, or intent to heal, but it must also come from a desire by the person who wants healing to have it.
When there is illness one must want to change something that led to it, and this has to occur before one can receive healing. There is nothing more powerful than one’s own mind, or intent. The person desiring healing check more must be willing to let go of the past. Emotions or beliefs hold energy that affect the physical body, and one knows today that energy affects the body because of modern science, especially quantum and sub-atomic physics.
We are all composed of energy. Today healing that does not involve drugs or surgery or other conditional physical means is often called “energy medicine.” Shafica Karagulla, M.D., in Breakthrough to Creativity, wrote about health professionals who intuitively know about disease processes and who channel healing energy to their patients through their hands and intent; their knowledge of “higher sensory perception” is not something they disclose to their colleagues as they fear censure. I understand them from my own lifetime of intuitively seeing the blockages to health that cause illness in emotional and physical bodies. When those who are open-minded ask me to help, I talk with them about their concerns, and, when the time is right begin the healing. I can feel the healing energy flow through me to the patient. Above all healing energy medicine is the safest, most natural and accessible medicine, and it flows through all of us at all times.
Once one’s mind, emotions and body have experienced a sense of health, either from engagement with a healer or through one’s own efforts, and one holds that potential of excellent health in focus as the goal, one can more easily realign to health. This is so even if stress or negative thoughts begin to cause one’s mind and emotions or even the body to shift from balance to imbalance. Memory of a healthy experience acts to guide the way forward to health.
Most of those who have asked for my help want healing at the deepest level and feel the importance of generating that desire with focus and commitment. Many create this desire after a conventional doctor gave a most terrible medical prognosis and told them that surgical, radiation, chemotherapy, or other drastic means were the only options. Those readers who have been reading the Well Being Journal will remember a number of cases of those who have had healings through energy medicine.
During my first session with a new client I may see any number of imbalances in the energy field that surrounds and moves through their body. As we agree to work together to bring balance, we not only talk about these imbalances but also what they have believed or have experienced. Then, together we move the energy to clear up blockages, stuck memories, past stressful experiences and even injuries. This may take one or more sessions.
One recent client called because she had an injury from taking a misstep and falling down a double flight of marble stairs. She sustained what at first appeared to be a blister on her shin, most likely from where it hit the edge of a stair, but her internist said there were no broken bones. However, two weeks later she was experiencing such discomfort that she went for a second opinion to an orthopedist who found a fractured ankle, torn ligament and bone fragments, as well as a sepsis infection. Even with scrupulous care and strong antibiotics, a ½ inch deep by ¼ wide wound was not healing.
She went for three emergency room visits, and each time the diagnosis and recommendations were scarier, including hyperbaric and vacuum therapy. With the vacuum therapy she would have to be attached 24 hours a day to a suction device that draws out debris from the wound and for 4 to 5 weeks. With these prospects in front of her she listened boom beach hack cheats as her friend who was caring for her and had read one of my articles in a health magazine, encouraged her to call me for help.
When she called me and we agreed to work together over the phone, I began to energetically sense the wound, and told her I would begin the energy healing process. At the deepest part of her wound I began to weave energetic threads, similar to weaving silk strands, across that area so that tissue could follow the path of weaving and begin its healing process. We energetically worked together in 30-minute sessions for about 5 sessions. She focused on the healing that she wanted to have, and I focused on energetically weaving the wound up from the bottom to the surface. Her doctors could not believe the progress in the healing of that gaping little hole, and the doctor who had said she would need hyperbaric treatments reversed his stance and said the wound was healing so nicely that she wouldn’t need the treatments after all, and she might not need the plastic surgery as originally stated.
As more people seek alternatives many see that simpler medicines that work are not new alternatives but are rather tried and true traditional medicines. One could say that energy medicine is the system of energies being applied for promoting health, healing, and joy, and that energy is the medicine.

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