Crate Training Your Lhasa Apso

When it comes to potty training dogs, there is no fool proof method. Different breeds respond to different training tactics. However, the secret to training your Lhasa Apso lies in understanding this breed鎶?background and figuring out an appropriate potty training method that would work with its temperament.

In the past, Buddhist monks believed that Lhasa Apso dogs brought them luck. It is this special treatment that has caused Lhasa Apso dogs to develop such strong personalities. This constant need to be in charge may pose as a difficulty to the love this information owner when it comes to dog training, but as long as you teach your dog early on who the true pack leader is, this won鎶?be a problem.

Lhasa Apso dogs respond well to crate training due to their denning instinct. Just like any other dog, Lhasa Apsos have a natural tendency to keep the area they rest and sleep in clean. Once puppies are born, it instagram followers hack online is their mother鎶?responsibility to keep their 鎻筫n?clean. Eventually, the little ones learn to relieve themselves outside their living area. Thus, providing a den for your Lhasa Paso in the form of a crate will prevent your dog from soiling your home.

First things first, get a crate appropriate for your Lhasa Apso鎶?size. Make sure to pad it with soft and washable liners. Help your dog get used to the crate; it may help to put a treat in there to encourage it to come in. Also make sure to use the words 鎻穜ate?or 鎻筫n?whenever it enters that area to help your dog understand what it needs to do when it hears the command.

Don鎶?close the door of the crate until your dog gets used to being in the crate. Once your dog does get used to the crate, you can begin shutting the door for periods of time. As soon as you get this part share this site of the process done, you can start taking your dog on walks to encourage it to eliminate at the appropriate place. Always remember to praise your dog for performing, but never punish it for doing the opposite. Scaring your pet, especially with physical punishment will only interfere with the training process.

At night, keep the crate in a place where you can easily hear your dog. If it whines excessively, it may mean that it鎶?time to take your dog out to eliminate. Crate training is a perfect potty training method for Lhasa Apso dogs. Not only this, it provides them with a sense of security as well. With enough patience and dedication, crate training your Lhasa Apso should definitely be a breeze.

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