Crash Dieting Can Lead to Heart Problems

The desire for a healthy, fit and fabulous body is practically universal and almost all of us have at one point or the other made an effort to achieve the same through various diets. However, you can sometimes have too much of a good thing and dieting is no different.
In their quest to achieve the perfect (read ‘thin’) body, many people both young and old end up cutting down their food intake to dangerous levels. Crash diets in particular are especially hazardous; though unfortunately a common resort for many young women in their teens or twenties. By love this information crash diets we refer to any kind of meal planning system that aims at losing weight quickly. Most nutritionists and health experts define a crash diet as any diet in which a person’s daily intake is less than 1,200 calories.
Maladie cardio- Can be a result of Crash DietsNot only are such crash diets unsuccessful in the long run (most people who try such instagram followers hack online shortcuts end up losing their capacity to keep up with it within a short period of time at which point all the lost weight quickly returns); they also have several serious short term and long term side effects including the risk of fainting, short-term dehydration, health problems arising from sustained nutritional deprivation, and even potentially fatal heart problems such as heart attack(In French attaque cardiaque). Here’s the reason why. By drastically reducing your caloric intake, you deprive your body of nutrients that it needs to sustain itself including minerals like potassium, magnesium, copper etc that are essential to the healthy function of your heart. The shortage of these can lead to arrhythmia, a heart disorder(In French cardiaque symptome). common seen in crash dieters where the heart rate shows a definite irregularity; either beating too fast share this site or too slow or being out of sync.
Cardiaque symptome- is the result of Crash DietsCrash diets can also lead to a weakening of the heart muscles in the long run. The resulting damage of the blood vessels creates an environment that is conducive to the development of heart diseases like atherosclerosis. Finally, experts also believe that crash dieting can cause heart palpitations and cardiac stress due to the drop in blood pressure and also due to sodium depletion. While a single crash diet may not put your body at risk, repeated attempts at such unhealthy methods of weight loss can definitely lead to cardiac illnesses. Rather than rely on such unreliable and potentially method commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle today.

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