Craig Millar Castle – Castle Apartments in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is home to many historical buildings and castles; one of such castles from medieval times is Craigmillar Castle. It was built in the Craigmillar area by local feudal land owners 鎱e Preston Family?in 1425. The Castle was attacked and burned by the Earl of Hertford in 1544; however it was reconstructed and remodelled. In 1660, the Castle was purchased by Sir. John Gilmour, Lord President of the Court of Session of Scotland. Sir John Gilmour鎶?family stayed in the castle until the early 18th century and then moved to 鎱e Inch House?nearby. The Craigmillar Castle was never used for accommodation again and went through corrosion and deterioration till 1946 when it was taken under State Care.

The Castle is important in Scottish history, because this is the place where the assassination of Lord Darnley Henry Stuart (The unpopular husband of Mary, Queen of Scots) was plotted during the Queen鎶?stay in this castle in 1566. It is said that a few conspirators, Argyll, Huntly, Bothwell and the Queen鎶?Secretary of State William Maitland signed an agreement known as 鎱e Craigmillar Pact?to dispose of Lord Darnlley, who was assassinated on 10th February 1567 as an aftermath of this pact. There are different theories about Queen鎶?game of war fire age cheats hack role in the murder plan, but it is widely believed that the Queen, though unhappy with her husband, was not involved in this pact.

Currently, The Craigmillar Castle is a tourist spot, with an appeal for all ages. The medieval castle built in the beautiful landscape contains 鎱e Tower House? 鎱e Inner Courtyard? 鎱e East & West Ranges? 鎱e Gardens?and a church. Here is a brief description of these structures;

The Tower House: It was fortified in 1425 and share this site extended till 16th century. The 4 storey tower has gun-ports built in the north-east and the south-east corners. It is 52 feet high, with walls as thick as 11 feet and has spiral staircases.

The Inner Courtyard, Outer Courtyard & Gardens: The inner courtyard has been enclosed in 33 feet high curtain walls since the 15th century; it has a stone trough for water to be brought to the castle. The walls of outer courtyard are comparatively thinner than those of inner courtyard. The outer courtyard was built approximately a hundred years after the inner courtyard and covers a larger area. There are 2 gardens on east and west parts of the outer courtyard which are especially a treat for small children who love to run around.

The East and West Ranges: The east range of the castle contains a broad spiral stair, two moviestarplanet cheats chambers, a corridor, kitchens, a presumed prison in the cellars below and a long gallery on second floor possibly built by the Prestons. The west range was built by the Gilmours and contained a spacious drawing room, a kitchen, a wine cellar and four bedrooms on the first floor; however the roof of the west range has since collapsed.

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