Angels and Unconditional Love

We talk about unconditional love as if it were an everyday occurrence, but the reality is that very few of us will ever experience it this life time, which is a real shame.
Spiritual growth teaches us to love each other and the planet in an all-encompassing way with no recourse to judgment or criticism, and although we shadow fight 2 cheats hack tool do our best with our intentions, we often fall short.
We do this because we have been raised in a society that teaches children to be good, and if they are, they receive love, and if they are not, they receive punishment. This is conditional love- if you do… x, then I will love you. If you do something else, I will withhold love from you.
How many times do we unconsciously think, when I am thin, I will love myself. When I have passed my exams, I will love myself. When I can drive, have a partner, am single, get that job, lose that weight and so on, then I will be alright. The list of criteria we need to meet in order to accept and love ourselves is endless. The problem is that no one has ever shown us unconditional love, so we cannot even guess at what it would be like to experience it.
The relationships that we have as a consequence are conditional- if you behave this way, I will love you. If you do not, watch out! And we also adapt our behaviour so that we will receive love or not- I will be tidier, quieter, less obnoxious, or whatever, and then he/she will love me.
When the angels offer us love because we exist, regardless of our body shape, colour, creed or behaviour, many people find this over-whelming. Having never experienced this intensity or authenticity of feeling before, wwe supercard hack some people react with tears. The tears are usually from a place of I am not worthy to receive this kind of love, and this can be one of the ways that we block shadow fight 2 hack online it.
Angels love us because we are who we are and they do not have the same opinion as us, the one that we torment ourselves with. We are sent here to learn lessons and to make mistakes, and the angels love us no matter what we do, say, hide, or think. They love us because we agreed to come here and learn these lessons and because they can see the part of us that is worth their love.
Many of the angel readings that I give are messages about how to overcome the blocks that we have to feeling worthy and good enough. The angels work with you to help you to improve your life so that you are freely able to accept the best gift in the world, unconditional love.
Written by Caroline Nettle.
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